Healing Hearts



I just got back from an awesome retreat. It was a gathering of pastor’s wives who have already completed a study course through Healing Hearts. Imagine being healed from painful events in your childhood or being reassured that your sins are forgiven. So much of what we do (or don’t do) is influenced by our upbringing. Although God had healed my heart of many things such as: growing up without a father and enduring bitterness from my mother, God uniquely used this study to reveal something unknown to me.


After the death of my son last year and went through feelings of betrayal by God. I started to lash out at my husband, blaming him for all my frustrations and was short on patience with my toddler. It became chronic and upsetting since I didn’t know what was wrong. I really didn’t like who I was becoming. Through the study I had harbored feelings against God for taking Isaac home.


I was so broken to realize I was harboring such feelings toward God; whom I love so deeply. It was a healing time the God used to show me the root of my bitter ness-sin. Through confessing those dreadful feelings and asking the Lord to cleanse my heart and renew my mind, He graciously did so.


I can’t say enough about this resource for any woman who wants to continue in her walk of spiritual growth and healing from painful experiences in life. All of the women in the retreat have been changed through the study and it was evident by the genuine fellowship we shared together.


If you are interested in this online course, please go to the following website: www.healinghearts.org What is so wonderful is that it is completely confidential and you have another believer guide you through the study and is committed to pray for you and encourage you along the way.


Thankful to the one who heals all our hearts.


Till next time.